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Info purchasing a kitten from SavannahNorway

SavannahNorway Kittens Photo: Camilla Hesby Johnsen


All kittens from SavannahNorway are sold with:

Purchase Contract

Vaccinated and dewormed. Kittens are also sold with a health certificate from our veterinarian, and Microchiped.

The cat will be registered in TICA and with a TICA pedigree. We follow the TICA Voluntary Code of Ethics cat will first be transferred in the new owner's name and pedigree given when we have evidence that cats are neutered or spayed. This applies if the cat is not already neutered or spayed at the time of the sale. If the cat is already spayed or neutered when the sale takes place we will register the cat in the new owner name when it has lived with you for at least 30 days. Cats sold as breeders will of course have different terms.


When you buy a cat from us we will give you some food and cat litter that the cat is used too. If he has a favourite toy he will also take that with him to his forever home together with a piece of cloth with familiar smells.
You also get information on the breed and kitten Instructions.

We will also be at your disposal to answer questions and provide advice and guidance through the cat's life. We would appreciate updates on how it goes, and get photos of the cat you bought even when everything is going fine.

We recommend that a new owner buys a cat tree and cat toys before the cat goes to his new home. Savannah is an active, playful and intelligent breed that needs stimulation. Cat trees are very popular with our cats.

Kittens will be ready for their forever home earliest when they are 14 weeks old normally at 16 weeks old. They will then be well socialized and litter box trained.

If you want and buy a kitten / cat from us, we will first make sure that you will be a good cat owner, then we will ask for a deposit on the cat / kitten you would like. If something unforeseen should happen so that the cat /kitten cant be delivered, we will pay back the deposit if the buyer does not want to transfer it to another cat/kitten. The deposit is not refunded if the buyer withdraws from the agreement.





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